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Looking to organise a school trip? We know it’s stressful, you’ve got to get children informed, permission in and ensure you have staff ready for the day. That’s before you’ve even decided to pick a venue and find a price that actually fits in with what you can offer. That’s why the last issue you need to be thinking about is transportation. Let Chadwick Travel do all that worrying for you.

Our team are incredibly experienced at getting school & university students from A to B. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years. That means we know exactly what you need. You need a mini bus or coach that fits your party size obviously. However, you also need that transportation to be competitive on price, punctual and trustworthy.

Here at Chadwick Travel we can cover everything your school trip needs. Call us now for a full quote and get booked in.

School Transport

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Taking School Transport to the Next Level

How are we doing that? Well for a start, we have a large fleet. Our vehicles range from cars for 4 people right up to coaches taking 50+. We can easily accommodate up to 200 passengers meaning you can take entire school years or in some cases, entire schools on the trip you’re planning.

All of our drivers are also fully DBS cleared. A DBS clear drive is an assurance for you as a school, that you and your children are in safe hands for the entirety of your journey.

We also are not worried about distance. Our team are ready to do the smallest journeys right up to the furthest journeys you can image. Even a school trip to Italy, if you need it we can cover it. We have drivers who can work in teams ensuring you’re constantly moving and getting to your destination quickly and safely.

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